What could be better than having a scarf that does not itch annoyingly in your neck while cycling through the rain or storm? A scarf that keeps you nice and warm when it's cold outside? And a scarf that is so beautiful and soft that you want to keep it indoors? We like that very much. But what if you don't have a scarf like that? After all, it will occasionally be cold and continue to rain throughout the year. 

The solution is: Alpaca wool, one of the most exclusive types of wool!

We tell you herfine why alpaca wool is nice to have:

1. The alpaca is super cute in itself;
Alpacas are a kind of llama, but very soft and cute. They are originally from South America and are very popular nowadays. This is probably because they are so cuddly. In the Netherlands you can now also go to farms where you can walk and cuddle with an alpaca. Fortunately, you can also just choose to take an alpaca wool scarf or plaid if there are no alpacas around. 

2. It is itself a super soft fabric;
What could be better than a soft scarf around your neck? And how soft is soft? As soft as an alpaca!

3. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic;
Unlike sheep's wool, it does not contain lanolin. Lanolin is the allergenic substance that many are allergic to. With alpaca wool, you do not suffer from allergic reactions. 

4. It is wonderfully warm due to the hollow fiber;
Alpacas have evolved to protect themselves from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. The hollow fiber insulates very well, so it is nice and warm when it is cold but also airy when it is warm. In addition, the hollow fiber also ensures that the wool is nice and light. 

5. This wool does not sting;
It is very annoying when a scarf itches on your neck. Alpaca wool does not sting and is therefore extra comfortable.

6. The wool is dirt and water resistant;
From now on it will be (almost) not bad if the weather is bad. So come on with that rain!

7. Alpaca wool is simply super quality, and is also known for that;
How nice is it to have a scarf that will last for years .. So nice and durable! Exactly, we thought so, super nice!

8. Alpaca wool comes in 52 natural colors, so plenty of choice !.
There are plenty of colors that you can choose for a nice scarf. And if you still have choice stress, you can choose a different color for a plaid or hat.

Who wouldn't be happy after reading these benefits ?! We certainly do! Are you excited too? Then take a look at our plaids, scarves and accessories!