Knitted Scarf Grey

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This scarf is knitted from exclusively selected yarn, for sustainable use. A blend of alpaca wool and nylon has been chosen to ensure that the product always stays beautiful, and is flexible for good use. Due to the hollow fibre from which alpaca wool is built, the heat is well retained, so that in winter you are extra well protected from the cold.

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The product is handmade, so the color and size may vary slightly.

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Additional information


190 × 33 cm.


65% alpaca wool, 35% nylon




Male / Female



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About our products

Warmer than wool and softer than silk
The alpaca wool is one of the most exclusive types of wool. Alpaca wool is very light and as soft as silk thanks to the hollow fiber. The hollow fiber is insulating in cold and breathes in heat. This makes alpaca wool very comfortable to wear in different weather conditions.

Hypoallergenic and does not sting
Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin and is therefore hypoallergenic. The pure smooth fiber does not itch and sting the skin. Are you allergic to sheep wool? In more than 80% of the cases, you are not for alpaca wool.

Water and dirt resistant
Snow, rain or even red wine have no chance with alpaca wool. Alpacas live at extreme heights and their fur is adapted to extreme situations. Alpaca is naturally water-repellent and fire-resistant.

A 100% fair trade product
Alpaca Loca products are produced in Ecuador by a small community of alpaca wool weavers. We purchase on the basis of fair trading conditions. The fair price gives alpaca farmers and wool weavers the space to get started with environmental improvements and social progress, such as education for their children. The result: a quality product that makes the world a little better!