About Alpaca Loca

Alpaca Loca is a young and innovative label that specializes in designing and producing quality products from alpaca wool. We are mainly known for our luxurious and silk soft plaids and scarves. Alpaca wool is a natural, super soft fabric and has many advantages over sheep's wool or cashmere. It is hypoallergenic because it does not contain lanolin like sheep's wool. The structure of alpaca wool is stronger than that of sheep's wool or cashmere. It fluffs much less making it very comfortable and does not sting. It is very dirty and water repellent. Thanks to the hollow fibre it insulates very well and is wonderfully warm. It is a 100 natural product and fair trade.

The wool used for the Alpaca Loca products comes from alpacas from Ecuador. The products are all made by hand in Ecuador by a community of weavers. We value quality, tradition, integrity and social responsibility and have consciously chosen to set up production in this way. The wool weavers receive a fair salary and we regularly see the good working conditions in the factory with our own eyes. Your purchase directly contributes to Ecuador's economic growth and the alleviating poverty of the alpaca herders.

Check out our collection of plaids and scarf and discover the ultimate softness of alpaca wool!

About Alpacas

An alpaca looks like a small llama, and lives in the plateaus of South America. They are social animals that live in groups. They come from the family of the 'camel-like' and eat mainly grass. For centuries they have been specially bred for the unique fibre of their fur, as they are too small to serve as 'last animal'. Their wool feels down-like, and comes in 52 natural colours, so the wool as a finished product requires little processing. Alpacas, especially their young, have the image of being one of the most adorable creatures on earth.

About shaving

Because the winters in the Andes mountains are very cold, the alpaca needs a thick coat. But because summers can get extremely hot, this soft critter has to get rid of its fluffy fur again. Nature causes the hairs to fall out on their own, but the Ecuadorian farmers help to shave through the wool.
In this way, the process from start to finish is animal friendly, which is what we think of Alpaca Loca is very important.

About alpaca wool

Alpaca wool is known for its super quality. Centuries ago, the wool was recognized as an exclusive product by the Inca peoples of South America. It was then only for the nobility to buy this expensive 'super wool', and to have it weaved.
The wool has such a high quality that it has developed over the years into a luxury product in the Western world. The natural fibre is hollow and light, which makes it easily transcend the warmth and softness of other wool types. The fibre has a durable structure, which keeps the wool functional and beautiful for a long time. Because the wool does not contain lanolin, it is hypoallergenic, and water repellent.

About the wool weavers community

Sweet, honest and hardworking people, from a small mountain village in Ecuador, make this superior product with a big smile on their face.
The team that manufactures alpaca Loca's products belongs to a wolwervers community in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. For generations, these people have mastered this special craft. The whole village contributes to the manufacture of your scarf or plaid. Because they experience how cold the nights in the Andes can be, they know better than anyone how to make this product as warm and comfortable as possible.